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S5E19: Diaspora, Dialogue & The Revisor Road Trip

Milton Lim & Michelle Lui in Hong Kong Exile’s Room 2048. Photo by Remi Theriault

The week in dance left us stunned and slack-jawed. We caught Wen Wei Wang’s all-male Dialogue, juxtaposed with the incredible light-play in Hong Kong Exile’s ROOM 2048 (thanks to Laura Raboud for hopping in on that hot take!). Finally, Andrew and Fawnda took a pilgrimage to Banff to see the preview of Kidd Pivot’s newest full-length foray, Revisor.

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Bonus note: For those who like books about dance history, the Nijinsky/Isadora Duncan riff at the top of the episode appears in The Chosen Maiden, a novel about Nijinsky’s younger sister, by Eva Stachniak.

S5E9: Great Expectations: The Bone House and Wen Wei Wang in YEG

Bone house

Two highly hyped productions on the ‘cast this week: Marty Chan’s The Bone House gets a remount at the Varscona Hotel, and Ballet Edmonton debuts their first works with Wen Wei Wang. Did either meet our great expectations? Listen in to find out!

I Don’t Get It is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB.

Lew Wetherell and Jason Hardwick in The Bone House. Photo by Ryan Parker Photography.

Season 3 Episode 9

It’s a stacked (man-heavy) episode, folks: Alberta Ballet‘s Dynamic Directions showcased choreographies by Wen Wei Wang, Aszure Barton, and Yukichi Hattori; EdMetro Chorus teamed up with Tony Olivares Dance and the parkour antics of FlyFree Movement; and finally we caught Brian Webb trouncing around with CLINKER (a.k.a. Gary James Joynes) talkin’ ’bout death and stuff. Whew.