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S6E9: Visit to a Fair BnB

Mathew Hulshof and Chris Pereira in Theatre Network’s Bed and Breakfast, running through Dec. 8 at the Roxy on Gateway. Photo by Ian Jackson/EPIC Photography

Paul is back! We take a trip to cottage country with Theatre Network’s charming season opener, Bed and Breakfast by Mark Crawford.

The episode ends with a special announcement about our new limited-run podcast series: A Tale of Two Weeklies.

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You can find, subscribe, and listen to the trailer for A Tale of Two Weeklies at taleoftwoweeklies.com. Episode 1 drops on November 28.

S5E11: Of Young Wives and Data Mining

Young Wife ParkerThis week we caught What A Young Wife Ought to Know, Theatre Network’s latest offering by Hannah Moscovitch, which explores the crux of coupledom and contraception in 1920s Ottawa. Then we sat in on the final presentations at the Arts Datathon, which brought a group of data experts together to mine and analyze information collected by arts and granting agencies in YEG. What did we learn about both? Essentially, context is everything.

Photo credit: Ryan Parker
Featuring Merran Carr-Wiggin & Cole Humeny

I Don’t Get It is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB.

Season 4 Episode 24

Miranda Allen (left) and Nadien Chu (right) in Workshop West’s production of Beth Graham’s Pretty Goblins.  Photo by: Marc J. Chalifoux

A week of wonder and juxtaposition: We ramble on physics and music (Theatre Network‘s Infinity); clapping and gravitas (Jairo Barrull Flamenco Company); and the gut-wrenching, mind-stilling Pretty Goblins at Workshop West. We have a bet that one will win a Governor General Award. Can you guess which one?

I Don’t Get It is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB.

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