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S6E12: Sara & Clara & Colleen & Laura

Sara Porter in Sara Does A Solo. Photo by Jay Tse.

Our bestie guests Laura Raboud and Colleen Feehan take a trip to Spazio Performativo for Sara Does A Solo, and then Fawnda does a solo of her own to see Shumka’s Nutcracker (thanks to Andrew for asking questions!). Happy holidays. Every. One.

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S5E28: Pinter & Performance Art

Cody Porter, Elena Porter, and Chris Cook in Broken Toys Theatre’s production of Betrayal, by Harold Pinter.

Pip-pip, we’re back, and off to Pinterland! Classical correspondent Colleen Feehan visits to discuss Broken Toys Theatre’s mounting of Betrayal, while Paul and Fawnda venture out to cake their shoes in hair and salt at Zero Gravity, a new performance art festival held in collaboration between dc3 Art Projects and Mile Zero Dance.

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S5E21: Better than RENT

Artists performing in Mercury Opera’s La bohème at Chez Pierre. Photo by Anna Kuelken.

We wrapped up the coldest February in decades with the anticipated return of Mercury Opera to Chez Pierre; this time the company impressed with La bohème set as a 1979 East Village artist-romp. And poet Brandon Wint’s Alive! collaboration at Mile Zero Dance brought tears to the eyes of special guests from Let’s Get Lit (Edmonton’s delightful poetry podcast). Keep those mittens on, and enjoy!

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S5E14: Mackers, Dancers & A Theatre Quiz Throwdown

Marie France Forcier in ReLoCate. Photo by Tim Nguyen.

Aaand we’re back! We ring in the new year with a rousing round of questions from Liz Nicholl’s annual Holiday Theatre Quiz, plus reviews of Malachite Theatre’s site-specific Macbeth and the quadruple-decker dance treat ReLoCate, presented by Mile Zero Dance. There’s much to look forward to in 2019, folks—get your pencils ready!

Check out Liz Nicholls’ 12thnight.ca Theatre Quiz here.

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Quiz music is “Quirky Dog” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Season 4 Episode 34

Ed-Natasha DixonIt’s a crossover episode! Fawnda is joined by APN bud Shane Lawrence of the Ed Podcast to talk dance education with Jodie Vandekerkove and Gerry Morita of Mile Zero Dance on their outreach work in Edmonton schools. There’s no “5, 6, 7, 8…” in these classes, folks.

To learn more about having Mile Zero’s Dance residencies, visit milezerodance.com.
Photo by Natasha Dixon.

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Season 4 Episode 3

Get ready to discuss what to do when you wake up drunk in a BBQ cover in your neighbour’s backyard as we discuss Toy Guns Dance Theatre’s remount of Fortuitous Endings: What To Do When You Wake Up Drunk In A BBQ Cover In Your Neighbour’s BackyardAlso, we check out Mile Zero Dance’s Remix where we find out how choreographers from Montreal and St. John’s, NL interpret the works of two local artists side-by-side.

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Season 2 Episode 2

Paul and Fawnda take in a jam-packed weekend of dance performances, starting off with the double bill Retake, comprised of “Memory Folds” by Anastasia Maywood and Krista Posyniak‘s “When I Told You Everything I Lied and Drank Heavily.” And, opening its 30th season, Mile Zero Dance invited their far-flung friends Fine 5 Dance Theatre from Estonia to perform the award-winning triptych, Phases.

Season 2 Episode 1: The YEG Dance Season Preview

Season 2 is upon us! Paul and Fawnda spew a whirlwind round-up of the upcoming #yegdance season for the rest of 2014, and we offer a special interview that we had over summer with the ladies of Montreal’s weekly dance podcast Dirty Feet.

Season 1 Episode 18: Year in Review

It’s the Year in Review episode! Paul and Fawnda share their thoughts on the year in dance, particularly the highlights. Among other things, they discuss the most affecting show of the season, the dancer with the best name, and the gal in town with dragon balls.

Season 1 Episode 17

Paul and Fawnda return to talk about their first full-on Dancefest@Nextfest binge, plus they bear witness to Mile Zero Dance‘s experimental and excellent Sho-tel.