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S6E16: Wives, witch hunts, wokeness

Edmonton Opera’s The Marriage of Figaro runs until Feb. 7. Photo by Nanc Price.

It’s a loaded ep this week: First up we catch Edmonton Opera’s delightful The Marriage of Figaro, followed by thoughts on Shadow Theatre’s Happy Birthday Baby J, and The Crucible at MacEwan University. Plus, we discuss the 2020-21 season announcements from Edmonton Opera and Citadel Theatre, the Alberta Queer Calendar Project, details on two LIVE episodes we’ve got in store, and general upcoming happenings. It’s February, folks: We made it!

Check out the Aria Code episode on ‘Dove sono’, one of the arias sung by the Countess in The Marriage of Figaro, which features Dan Savage talking about infidelity and forgiveness.

We’ll be at Chinook Series on February 15 for a LIVE episode discussing true life experiences in art-making with a panel of artists involved in the fest. Come hear their stories, and say hello! https://chinookseries.ca/event/thats-me-in-the-spotlight/

To claim your $5 discount to The Blue Hour at SkirtsAFire, enter panelfive at checkout when you purchase your tickets at the Fringe Box Office. And come catch our live episode recording on March 1st!

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S5E17: See the Forest Through the Birch Trees

Spooky and dark foggy forest at dusk

We went into the woods twice this week to follow two different sets of siblings, in two vastly different productions. Colleen Feehan returns to the podcast for the 2000-kids-strong preview performance of Edmonton Opera’s Hansel & Gretel, and Nisha Patel joins us for a very special take on her personal and creative experience with Naheyawin’s Lake of the Strangers. 

To check out Nisha’s website and upcoming performances, visit nishapatel.ca.

I Don’t Get It is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB.

Season 4 Episode 22

In the post #MeToo era, what are we allowed to think of a comic fromp like Don Giovanni? Special guest Colleen Feehan joins Fawnda to dissect the goosebumpy moments of this most classically rapey-y of operas.

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