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Season 4 Episode 17


It’s an extra special throwback to when Meg Roe and Alessandro Juliani were in town starring in Onegin. They’re also part of the sound design team for Betroffenheitand before they moved on to the next tour stop, we snagged them to chat about working with Crystal Pite, their own creative partnership, and what to anticipate in one of the most widely acclaimed dance shows of the decade. Beasts, beats, Battlestar Galactica. Get it?

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Season 3 Episode 4

It’s a stacked episode, folks. Fawnda recounts her hike to the Banff Centre for Ballet BC‘s stunning 30th Anniversary showcase featuring works by Cayetano Soto, Stijn Celis, and Crystal Pite. Then, she and Paul unpack their thoughts on Convergence, the opening show of Good Women Dance Collective‘s season. Let’s just say there are no apologies made. By anyone. Ever.