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S5E6: Dogs in Space and a Rage Baby

Fawnda is away this week, leaving Paul and Andrew to hold down the fort. In this episode we look at the existential dread of knowing your pet will one day die in Ainsley Hillyard’s Jezebel at the Still Point. Then we’re joined by Lindsay Eales, co-artistc director of CRIPSiE, to discuss the Mad creation processes behind Mobilize — a big ‘ol show featuring six works by artists living with disabilities and/or mental health issues. Buckle up folks as we blast off into space and behind the scenes into a world built on the principles of consent, choice, and invitation.

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Season 2 Episode 5

Paul and Fawnda talk accessibility, inclusivity, and (dis)abilities after taking in (Dis)Integration: A thoughtful and provoking performance presented by mindhive collective and the Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton (a.k.a. CRIPSiE).