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S5E24: The Party, The Candidate, The Late-Stage Abortion

Martha Burns and Kevin Bundy as the Straughans in Citadel Theatre’s The Candidate.
Photo by Ian Jackson/Epic Photography.

Colleen Feehan joins Fawnda for a whole week of theatre; please enjoy as we mess up character names, toss aside our election fatigue, and try really hard—so darn hard—to not give away anything that happens in The Party/The Candidate. And then we sob our way through the incredible and deeply affecting performance by Vanessa Sabourin in Northern Light Theatre’s 19 Weeks.

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S5E23: Heroes, Politicos, and Flamenco Glory

The case of MAN UP! in Heroes, presented as part of Mile Zero’s Dance Crush series.

We’ve been off for a while, so we thought it’d be fun to do a nice fat episode this week! Guests abound, too: First, Matthew Stepanic comes in to cover MAN UP!‘s boy-lesque extravanganza in Heroes at Spazio Performativo. Then, Colleen Feehan offers some quick thoughts on The Party at the Citadel (first of a two-part review—we’ll be seeing The Candidate next week). And finally, Jane Ogilvie visits the ECF studio to dish about all the addictive qualities of flamenco in anticipation of the third annual Edmonton Flamenco Festival. Whew! Enjoy!

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S5E17: See the Forest Through the Birch Trees

Spooky and dark foggy forest at dusk

We went into the woods twice this week to follow two different sets of siblings, in two vastly different productions. Colleen Feehan returns to the podcast for the 2000-kids-strong preview performance of Edmonton Opera’s Hansel & Gretel, and Nisha Patel joins us for a very special take on her personal and creative experience with Naheyawin’s Lake of the Strangers. 

To check out Nisha’s website and upcoming performances, visit nishapatel.ca.

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Season 4 Episode 16

YEG stages are hopping these days. Paul and Fawnda start out a busy week with Toronto Dance Theatre‘s 50th Anniversary showcase House Mix, followed hotly on the heels by Mercury Opera‘s site-appropriate production of La Traviata at Chez Pierrewhich includes the return of guest opera buff Colleen Feehan. Bringing it home (all the way back to  Ukraine, no less), is Pyretic Productions‘ Blood of Our Soil. 

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