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Season 4 Episode 15

It’s a very special episode, with a very special guest’s hot take on Andrew Tay’s You Can’t Buy it, But I’ll Sell it to You Anyway SUCKA (hint, it’s Brian Webb!). Plus we cover Sheldon Elter’s Metis Muttrunning at Theatre Network through March 4th, and Paul’s first-ever Citie Ballet show.

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Season 3 Episode 3

Coming to you straight from the moon! Paul and Fawnda dig into Cite Ballet‘s Enigma and the legendary Paul Taylor Dance Company‘s first-ever showing in Alberta, along with the help of some colourful balloons. Modern and dance helium: way to lighten the mood, right?

Season 2 Episode 20

And now for something completely different: This week the IDGI team looks into the recent and sudden release of Citie Ballet‘s artistic directors, Francois and Laurence Chevennement. We talk to a number of people—including Citie’s Chair Trudy Callaghan, current Board member and former dancer Peter Akai, past board member Kathy Metzger-Corriveau, and former Citie Ballet dancer Danica Marlow—for perspectives on what this restructuring means for the company.

You can also find the official press release from Citie Ballet here.