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S5E13: Retirement Danse & Holiday Expectations

Paul and Fawnda take in the stunning final solo performance of 70-year-old dance legend Paul-André Fortier, and Andrew steps in to help ease the festive tension around family expectations in a review of Conni Massing’s Oh! Christmas Tree. Merry Christmas. Every. One. 

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S5E12: Nutcracker Nostalgia

P&F Nutcracker

We’ve been reminiscing a lot with the happenings in town lately, so this week we’re doing a special flashback to a couple of our favourite conversations on the annual holiday dance fuss, The Nutcracker. Remember that time in 2014 when Alberta Ballet invited us to do a walk-on in Act I? And in 2017 when we talked to a wee mouse and party kid? Sweet, sweet memories. Listen in.

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S5E9: Great Expectations: The Bone House and Wen Wei Wang in YEG

Bone house

Two highly hyped productions on the ‘cast this week: Marty Chan’s The Bone House gets a remount at the Varscona Hotel, and Ballet Edmonton debuts their first works with Wen Wei Wang. Did either meet our great expectations? Listen in to find out!

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Lew Wetherell and Jason Hardwick in The Bone House. Photo by Ryan Parker Photography.

Season 4, Episode 37 ~ Le Season Finale

Fringe postersIt’s a special “On the Media” episode of

IDGI to wrap up our fourth(!) season of reviewing what we’ve seen on YEG stages. We cover some of our Fringe faves, critique the critics, the bewildering “star-creep” of some outlets, and muse about the new era of arts coverage in the city. Plus, convos about the new Sterling Awards non-gendered acting categories, and just-what-the-heck happened with the PR mess at Alberta Theatre Projects earlier this summer.

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Season 4 Episode 34

Ed-Natasha DixonIt’s a crossover episode! Fawnda is joined by APN bud Shane Lawrence of the Ed Podcast to talk dance education with Jodie Vandekerkove and Gerry Morita of Mile Zero Dance on their outreach work in Edmonton schools. There’s no “5, 6, 7, 8…” in these classes, folks.

To learn more about having Mile Zero’s Dance residencies, visit
Photo by Natasha Dixon.

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Season 4 Episode 9

As the lights go down on 2017 and the final pile of Canada150 presentations, we review Reckoning, a response by Article 11—Tara Beagan and Andy Moro’s Indigenous Activist Arts company–that offers three different narratives on themes of reconciliation. Plus your “What To Watch For” list for 2018. Happy new year from all of use at IDGI, folks!

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Season 3 Episode 10

It’s a YEG miracle: Paul has never seen a Ukrainian dance show. So, we take him to Shumka’s latest production, KOBZAR. Incidentally, Fawnda also sees an intriguing collaboration with Good Women Dance Collective and ProCoro: Love/Fail.

Season 3 Episode 8: Chinook Series

Paul gives Fawnda the full recount of rest of Expanse 2016 (part of Chinook Series), including Coast to Coast, the astounding Mouthpiece, and the kinda disappointing pantomime of the well-known short story The Yellow Wallpaper. 

Season 3 Episode 7: Chinook Series

Fawnda’s away, leaving Paul to hold down the blanket fort as we continue our coverage of the 2016 Chinook Series. In this episode Paul chats with Ainsley Hillyard about the Good Women Dance Collective‘s New Work Award. They’re joined by last year’s winner Anastasia Maywood and this year’s recipient Aimee Rushton. Then we sit down with Stephanie Morin-Robert and Alastair Knowles to get the skinny on their show Half Inch Thick.

Season 3 Episode 6: Chinook Series

Back at Expanse—we mean Chinook—we rope in audience members Kristi Hansen, Jesse Gervais, and Tony Olivares to get their thoughts on two solo works: Brian 
Webb‘s Score on Memory and Joshua Wolchanksy’s Pro Patria Ad Exitum.