S6E34: Iso-interview: Natércia Napoleão

Actor Natércia Napoleão has shared a number of public letters that call attention to the lack of BIPOC representation in Edmonton’s theatres. Photo by Brandon Hart.

In the form of open letters on social media, actor Natércia Napoleão has been asking Edmonton’s theatre companies directly what their BIPOC representation looks like not only onstage, but off as well. In this chat we cover how social media can be used to call in — not necessarily call out — and how Edmonton theatre companies are responding to public questions about representation in their casts, staff, boards, and otherwise.

Makram Ayache’s post about the Sterling nominations
Sterling Nominations Full List
Internal Analysis of Inclusion & Diversity in The Sterling Awards report
• Natercia’s letters to the Sterlings, Citadel Theatre, Theatre Network, Teatro la Quindicina, Grant MacEwan Theatre Arts, and Freewill Shakespeare Festival
The 3.7% Initiative in Edmonton (hosted in Edmonton by Concrete Theatre)
Natércia’s Stuck in the House video (with Balki!)
Globe & Mail article on a wave of Black female Artistic Leadership in Canadian Theatre

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