S6E25: Iso-Interview: Liz Nicholls

Our pal Liz Nicholls joins us to commiserate on the current dearth of liveness on Edmonton’s stages.

It took a pandemic, but we finally caught her! This week, we talk bread-making, online performances, and the surreal weirdness of Edmonton sans live theatre with the one and only Liz Nicholls.

Some links discussed in this episode:
• Liz Nicholls’ blog: 12thnight.ca
• Die-Nasty’s weekly improvised Radio Hour, new episodes out every Monday 
• Citadel Theatre’s Stuck in the House web series
• Paul’s sketch on The Great Gatsby
• Nick Cave’s The Red Hand Files
• Cancellation of the Ediburgh Fringe will be felt around the world
• The Wooster Group’s Hamlet from the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013
• Gia Kourlas, dance critic for the New York Times, on how we navigate the pandemic with our bodies

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