S6E3: Express thru India via YEG

Alberta Ballet’s season opened with Taj Express, a feast of Indian dance, music, and Bollywood nods.

Guest reviewer Soni Dasmohapatra joins Fawnda for a rollicking review of Alberta Ballet’s presentation of Taj Express, a straight-from-Mumbai Bollywood ballet/musical sorta show. Also: We get the crash course in Indian dance styles that we’ve always wanted. Thanks Soni!

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More on the screening event that Soni mentioned:
Seconds, Please! Piyush & Hansa Premiere Screening
Nov. 6, 6PM at the Edmonton Community Foundation
Featuring traditional Indian performance, interactive Bhangra dance workshop, DJ Gulzar, and tasty South Indian delights!
Visit www.secondspleasetv.ca for more info.

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