Season 4 Episode 11

Paul and Fawnda and Laura saw ALL the things this week: We swilled vodka at Catalyst Theatre‘s presentation of Onegin, and caught Kill Your Television‘s all-male cast in Shakespeare’s R&J. Our eyes watered under the blinding lights of Shaping Sound, and finally we got caught up in the yarns of Rebecca Sadowski’s The Sash Maker (and learned a bit of weaving, too). Did anything pass the Bechdel Test? You may be surprised. Listen to find out!


Anita Sarkeesian presents her talk “The Real World of Online harassment” as part of the Edmonton Public Library’s  Forward Thinking Speakers Series on January 24 at the Chateau Lacombe you can get you tickets here. And you can listen to an interview with Sarkeesian on The Well-Endowed Podcast here.

And don’t forget that the Alberta Women Entrepreneurs invites you to attend Learning Day on February 20, in Edmonton. Registration is only $129, and Listeners get 10% if you use the promo code “Podcast” at checkout.

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