Season 2 Episode 20

And now for something completely different: This week the IDGI team looks into the recent and sudden release of Citie Ballet‘s artistic directors, Francois and Laurence Chevennement. We talk to a number of people—including Citie’s Chair Trudy Callaghan, current Board member and former dancer Peter Akai, past board member Kathy Metzger-Corriveau, and former Citie Ballet dancer Danica Marlow—for perspectives on what this restructuring means for the company.

You can also find the official press release from Citie Ballet here.


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  1. Gunnar Blodgett

    As a note, Dr. Akai has also been a board member and a financial supporter for 15 years, including 5 years as treasurer, where he did not run deficits, lose grant applications or forget Casino filings.

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